5 Reasons Spring is the Best Time for a Chimney Sweep or Repair in Seattle

Why Sweep Your Chimney at All? Chimney Sweep or Repair in Seattle

A fireplace can bring a lifetime of joy and warmth through the cold winter months. Using your fireplace and chimney, however, leaves deposits of flammable substance called creosote inside your chimney. If left untended, creosote can build up and cause a chimney fire. Hiring a Seattle chimney sweep is the best way to remove dangerous creosote deposits from your chimney and ensure many more cozy winters by your fireplace. If you’re looking for a chimney sweep or repair in Seattle, and you’re wondering about the best time for doing so, allow us to share five quick reasons why spring is the best time of year to have your chimney swept.

1. Most Availability Is in the Spring

Most homeowners won’t schedule chimney sweeping or repairs until the end of summer when they can see winter on the horizon. This might mean waiting lists that are weeks or even months long! Many larger chimney repairs and projects simply can’t happen during the rainy winter months, which means that our books tend to be more open as things start to dry out in the spring. If you want to ensure that a pro from Powers CM takes a look at your chimney before the winter, make sure to aim for a spring appointment.

2. The Weather is Finally Nice

JFK famously said that “the time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” This is especially true from chimney repair in Seattle since lots of chimney repairs actually require warm, dry weather. Those are the conditions masonry needs to cure properly, which is what will ensure years of safe, energy-efficient chimney use. That unending drizzle we experience from October till April means that Seattle chimney repair is difficult if not impossible during much of the fall and winter.

3. Most of the Damage Done to Your Chimney is during the Winter

Not only is your chimney getting the most use during the winter (think of all that creosote build-up!), but it suffers the most damage during this time. That’s especially true of wet winters that see lots of below-freezing temperatures, not unlike the one we just had. Snow or ice will sit, slowly melting, and drip down into your chimney. If water manages to seep into brick masonry and temperatures it will expand and can even crack masonry, leading to larger chimney repairs, all of which are reasons to make spring the ideal time to call a chimney sweep in Seattle.

4. Chimney Repair Takes Time

Seattle chimney repairs have a limited window. Good masonry and chimney repair work takes time that our mercurial winters just don’t allow for. For masonry to cure properly, the weather needs to remain above freezing (and dry) for days, even weeks. Not to mention, the longer a chimney goes unused and cures, the better the results to be, which makes spring and  summer the perfect time to tend to any repairs.

5. You’re Already Spring Cleaning!

Plotting your garden, making repairs, airing out the rugs; you’re already checking boxes off your spring cleaning list! Why not add a chimney sweep and repair while we have the availability and the right weather to get the job done right!

In Seattle, where winter can hang over our city like a real wet blanket, fireplaces and chimneys are cherished by homeowners. To ensure they keep providing the warmth, comfort and heat we love them for, it’s important to give your chimneys the care they need. That means annual sweeps and repairs, and there’s no time like springtime!

So don’t wait! If you’re interested in a springtime chimney sweep or repair in Seattle, go ahead and contact us today!

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