Common Problems of a Damp Chimney

Damp ChimneyIs moisture accumulating in your chimney? A damp chimney is problematic, and all too often homwowners don’t detect it—until it’s too late. This results in major damage and costly repairs. When water collects in the chimney’s interior, something is wrong.

What Causes a Damp Chimney?

While the masonry is quite sturdy and can last well over a century, the mortar that holds the bricks together is a different story. Mortar is prone to cracks, which allow water to seep into the structural matrix. Tuckpointing is the process which fixes decaying and crumbling mortar by restoring the seal between the bricks.

Water can also make its way in through the chimney crown. This is the cement at the top of the chimney. The crown can crack just like the mortar, allowing rainwater to seep in.

Another culprit is the flashing around the chimney stack. The flashing is installed at the junction between roof and chimney and dressed into the brickwork to prevent water seepage. However, the flashing can erode, either from age or from improper installation.

Implications of a Damp Chimney

Trapped moisture causes the mortar to expand. In turn, this causes the bricks to chip off and break. If the mortar isn’t repaired, this can eventually cause the entire masonry structure to collapse.

Water can also get into the flue liner and mix with the toxins in the creosote. This causes the flue to deteriorate prematurely, resulting in cracks. Even a minor crack can render a chimney unsafe for use. Water in the interior also leads to rusting of interior components.

Don’t Let Water Enter

The cold season is right around the corner. Call Powers Chimney & Masonry to have the chimney inspected before you put it to use. With the humidity in Snohomish, a damp chimney is all too common; let us keep the chimney up to date so it keeps moisture out.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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