Do Chimney Sweep Logs Really Work?

powers-4Some firewood manufacturers are releasing their own brand of chimney sweep logs. This is a special type of wood that supposedly helps remove creosote from the flue liner when burned. Does it really work, though, and does it replace the need for a chimney sweep by a professional cleaner?

How A Chimney Sweep Log Works

When a chimney sweep log is burned, it releases chemicals that aid in the breakdown of creosote. More specifically, the creosote is dried up, enabling it to detach from the flu liner and fall into the firebox. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that these logs reduce – not eliminate – creosote. As such, they are NOT a replacement for a chimney sweep carried out by a professional.

Dangers of Chimney Sweep Logs

Chimney sweep logs have also been evaluated by Chimney Safety Institute of America. According to the nonprofit organization, use of the logs may also prove problematic. When the creosote falls, some of it may actually land on the catalytic combustor, baffle, or smoke shelf. If left to accumulate, it could cause a blockage and result in a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. This is especially prone to happen if a chimney sweep log is used often without a professional inspection.

More importantly, these logs have no eyes and no voice. They can’t tell you if there’s a blockage or structural damage like a cracked flue tile or worn connector pipe. This can only be determined by an inspection from a certified chimney sweeper.

Don’t Neglect a Chimney Sweep

In no way is Powers Chimney & Masonry dissuading you from using chimney sweep logs. They’re perfectly fine as long as they’re not treated as a viable replacement for an in-person chimney cleaning. Contact us to schedule a chimney sweep, which also includes an inspection to determine if service or repairs are needed. A chimney sweep log is fine as long as it’s used in combination with professional maintenance.

Thorough Chimney Sweep from a Professional

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