How to Keep Wasps Out of your Chimney

Keep Wasps Out of your ChimneySwarming wasps invoke fear. The terror is multiplied when they make their way inside your home. While wasps typically form nests around eaves and roof overhangs, they may also build a nest inside the chimney. Luckily, only a few minor adjustments are needed to keep wasps out of the chimney for good.

Install a Chimney Damper

Wasps tend to build their nest beginning in the spring and continuing into the summer. Well, summer is now in full swing, which means it’s wasp season. If your chimney doesn’t have a damper or cap, then there’s a good chance they’ve already built a nest inside.

A chimney cap or damper helps keep out debris, water, rodents, and insects. When dampers are closed, they form a perfect seal that prevents anything from entering. When the fireplace is used, the damper is opened, and the smoke and burning embers will prevent anything living from making its way in.

Have the Chimney Sprayed

If wasps are constantly spotted in the firebox, then it’s almost certain that there’s a nest somewhere inside the chimney. Since the nest is in a hard-to-reach spot, you need to contact pest control to have the interior sprayed. Nest removal in this instance is not a DIY solution.

Inspect the Masonry

Even if you have a damper installed, wasps may still be able to make their way inside if the masonry work is beginning to spall. While the bricks may still be in good condition, the mortar may begin to wear and form holes that can be used as an entry and exit point. You will need to contact a tuckpointing service to repair the masonry.

We’ll Keep Wasps Out of Your Chimney

Please contact Powers Chimney & Masonry to repair any defects in your chimney. Obviously, we’re not pest control or animal removal services, but we are masters when it comes to chimneys. We know what types of repairs and improvements are needed to keep wasps out of the chimney.
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