How to Prevent a Chimney Collapse

Powers C and MChimneys are among the heaviest exterior structures of a home. Should it collapse, it can cause major structural damage, serious injury or death. On top of that, a chimney collapse causes bricks to fall into the shoot, blocking the opening and seal the updraft. This closes off the air that’s needed to pull gas and smoke out of the home. This buildup can turn the interior of your home into a dangerous carbon monoxide chamber. It’s integral that you contact chimney repair services the minute you notice the signs of a worn chimney.

Signs of a Structurally Weakened Chimney

It’s important to visually inspect the masonry for the following defects following an earthquake or heavy rainstorm.

  • Brick or mortar that crumbles with a light touch or push
  • Damaged lateral support or steel straps that are missing altogether
  • Visible separation or tilting from the roof, taking note of any gaps
  • Defects in the footing (located at the base of the home); look for footing that’s badly deteriorated or that does not sufficiently extend beyond the chimney’s base

If there are significant signs of damage, plywood panels may need to be installed above the ceiling joist to act as a barrier between the roof and masonry. An inspector may even recommend having the entire chimney and flue torn down and replaced with a stronger structure.

Make Necessary Repairs

The Snohomish area is known for heavy winds and weather that corrode masonry over time. If you notice any of the defects described above, then have the structure inspected by Powers Chimney & Masonry. Depending on the extent of the damage, we may install a liner and/or waterproof the masonry to prevent corrosion. Contact us if your latest inspection reveals signs of chimney damage. A chimney collapse could be imminent, so don’t waste time and bring in a professional mason right away.

Prompt and Professional Chimney Inspections and Repairs

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Edited by Justin Vorhees