How to Remove Raccoons from Your Chimney

raccoonSeattle has a sizeable raccoon population. Those little critters are carriers of all sorts of diseases and ticksa. Female raccoons also have a natural inclination to seek out high areas with a hollow space to start a nest. A chimney fits this bill perfectly. Raccoon removal from a chimney usually requires animal control service, though DIY measures are possible. Prevention, though, is the best way to stop the furry creatures from making their way inside in the first place.

Prevention Is Key

Prevention is extremely simple, yet so many homeowners neglect to do it. All you need to do is have a chimney cap installed. The simple cover will prevent raccoons and other wildlife from getting inside the damper. If your chimney lacks a cap, or if the cap is severely worn, then contact a chimney repair services to have one installed.

If a Raccoon Is Already in the Chimney

If you suspect a raccoon is in your chimney, DO NOT start a fire. Doing so means you’ll have to open the damper, which would allow the raccoon to enter through the fireplace and into your home.

In terms of removal, you can try predator urine. If that doesn’t work, then the only other option is to trap the raccoon using a cage as it passes through the chimney liner. It’s highly recommended that you contact animal services for this. According to Washington State law, animals captured through trapping must be euthanized. Animal services are able to acquire a permit to relocate the animal as opposed to putting it down.

This is why prevention is the best measure to prevent your chimney from becoming a shelter for a raccoon and her brood. Install a cap, and never worry about removing a raccoon or other pest from your chimney again.

Chimney Cap Replacement and Installation

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