Why a Chimney Video Inspection Is Necessary

Chimney Video Inspection │ Snohomish │ Powers ChimneyWe can’t tell you how many times people have insisted that a DIY chimney inspection is sufficient. A simple visual inspection down the flue provides very little insight into the chimney’s condition. A chimney repair usually, but not always, begins with a chimney video inspection. The keyword here is “video.”

Chimney Inspection Via Video

Some chimney liners have multiple bends that make it impossible to spot potential problems, such as cracks and creosote buildup. With that said, though, not all chimneys may require a video inspection. A reputable chimney sweep service should offer three levels of inspections established by the National Fire Protection Association. These levels are as follows:

  • Level 1 —This is the most basic inspection, and the one that’s normally carried out during routine annual checkups when no problems are reported. A camera may or may not be used depending on the type of chimney.
  • Level 2 — This is a more in-depth inspection and involves the use of a closed-circuit camera. Regulations require a level 2 examination before the home is put up for sale.
  • Level 3 — This is the most in-depth inspection and is usually only carried out after serious damage has incurred, such as from an earthquake or chimney fire. A level 3 checkup determines if a chimney is still structurally safe or if it needs to be replaced altogether. In some cases, a portion of the masonry may be removed to get a close-up look.

Please keep in mind that the homeowner should not carry out even a level 1 inspection. It still requires a professional inspector.

We Perform all Three Levels of Inspections

Regardless of the level of inspection required, leave the task to Powers Chimney & Masonry. A chimney video inspection is something we do on a daily basis to determine the condition of chimneys throughout the Snohomish area.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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