The Benefits of Masonry Building

The Benefits of Masonry BuildingTechnically speaking, Mansory is defined as the process of building structures from individual units that are then bound together by mortar. Typically, Masonry building includes materials like brick, marble, granite, travertine, limestone, cast stone, and concrete blocks. There’s a reason masonry has been used throughout the ages to create structures like the Mayan pyramids, the Roman Coliseum, and even much of Seattle’s Pioneer Square: it’s long-lasting; economical; quick to put up; resistant to termites; rot; mold; and fire; and, in modern times, can spell tax and insurance savings.

While Masonry is known as an extremely durable and long lasting form of construction, the overall quality of materials, mortar, workmanship, and even the pattern with which the units are assembled can severely limit masonry’s benefits. In order to truly take full advantage of masonry, and the benefits that it carries with it, you’ve got to find a Mason with proven experience.

1. Strength

Overall, masonry is incredibly strong. It’s the complete building material package, offering foundation, finished exterior, interior, insulation, and primary structural and load bearing elements. It’s versatile too: arches, circles and changes in wall direction can easily be incorporated into masonry plans. If you’re looking for the material that can handle the most weight with the least amount of space, Masonry is your best bet.

2. Longevity

Masonry doesn’t just last a lifetime, it can last several. Most ancient structures still standing were constructed using masonry systems. Seattle masonry is no exception. The Pioneer Building on 1st Avenue was completed in 1892! Having survived several earthquakes and the Great Fire of 1889, it’s a prime example of masonry’s structural and aesthetic longevity. Even nearly 120 years later, the Pioneer Building remains a beautiful visual landmark and shining illustration of masonry’s timeless appeal.

If you’re a homeowner considering masonry building or repair in Seattle, this translates to less maintenance and little to no structural repairs in the immediate future.

3. It’s a Green Way to Build

Masonry is an excellent green building material for the short and the long-term. For one, choosing masonry leaves natural and limited resources like timber in tact. Additionally, masonry also has excellent thermal mass, or the ability to resist change in temperature. That means that a masonry structure will stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, lowering energy usage and utility bills for occupants.

4. Termite Resistance, Protection from Mold and Rot

Seattle masonry offers a solution to three problems that plague so many buildings in our damp and temperate climate: mold, rot and termites. Unlike wood, brick exteriors offer nothing for the elements to rot or termites to eat. They can also greatly reduce or eliminate the build-up of interior molds and funguses, which, more than being difficult to clean, can cause serious health problems.

5. Little to No Maintenance

We touched on it briefly before, but masonry building on the whole is very low-maintenance. Case in point, there are many ancient structures which dot the globe that are still standing despite centuries of neglect. Masonry’s long-lasting integrity doesn’t just offer peace-of-mind, it also spells out lower long-term costs for homeowners and even less environmental impact. Of course, if your masonry does need maintenance, Powers CM provides premier masonry repair in Seattle.

6. Insurance Benefits

Even insurance companies can’t help but acknowledge the benefits of masonry-built structures. Because masonry is resistant to so many of the problems homeowners are insured against, many insurers offer up to 15% discounts on homeowners’ policies.

Whether it’s a whole building, a patio, or a chimney, masonry provides an undeniably long-lasting building material that will (literally) weather the elements and aesthetic trends for lifetimes to come.

Didn’t think masonry carried all those awesome benefits along with it? It’s true! Not only does masonry look great, it carries with it a number of substantial benefits that any homeowner would be wise to take advantage of.

If you’re considering adding masonry elements or structures to your Seattle home or repairing the ones you already have, take advantage of the warm weather and contact Powers Chimney & Masonry today to schedule a consultation!