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Crumbling or cracked mortar can allow water into your chimney or through your brick or stone siding, causing water damage to your home.  The professionals at Powers Chimney and Masonry employ a process called tuckpointing to replace old or failed masonry, protecting your home.

Chimney Tuckpointing

We’re no strangers to rain here in the Northwest.  Staying dry is the key to staying comfortable, safe and warm in inclement weather, and just as you wouldn’t leave your car window down on a stormy afternoon, you don’t want to leave your chimney vulnerable to water damage.  When cracks or gaps begin to appear in your masonry due to damage or age, it’s time to seal things up against the weather.  We’ve been doing just that in the Puget Sound region for over 15 years – beautifully and affordably.

Masonry Tuck Pointing

The most important thing to remember about maintaining a brick home is that the mortar begins to decay long before the brick itself.  Decaying masonry can allow water inside your home, damaging your property.  Powers Chimney & Masonry can fix the problem by tuckpointing the mortar between your bricks to ensure a watertight seal.  Not only does this protect your home from decay, it greatly improves its curb appeal!

Masonry tuckpointing is a great way to extend the life of your brick or stonework.  Check out our special online offers, then give us a call or email us today to see how quickly and affordably our tuckpointing pros can get your home buttoned up and looking great again!  And if you need chimney cleaning, we’re the ones to call!

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